Success is that you have exactly the skills that are in demand at the moment.

Henry Ford (1863-1947, american industrialist and pioneer of modern production technologies)

Competence united under one roof

Our versatile manufacturing areas make it possible to carry out numerous process steps in the production process yourself.

Many departments, one team

Manufacturing support departments, such as Assembly and finishing, accelerate the process flow and ensure fast and effective processing in the company. But the in-house design, fixture construction and the manufacture of special tools for machining our customer components also make a decisive contribution to being able to offer our customers the shortest delivery dates.

Tools for all of your projects

Our tool technologists also ensure the use of the latest machining technologies. An extensive tool store with over 14,000 different tool components enables us to depict a large number of machining situations with available tools.

What we can do

  • Turning: CNC lathes with counter spindle, driven tools and Y-axis
  • Finishing and assembly: Perfect surface finishing, assembly of assemblies, leak test up to 500 bar
  • Eroding: Wire and die sinking EDM machines with their own electrode construction and manufacture
  • Milling: More than 30 CNC machining centers with 4 or 5 axes
  • Quality assurance: 8 coordinate and a gear measuring machine as well as various measuring devices for contour, surface and shape measurements as well as test equipment monitoring
  • Grinding: Coordinate and gear grinding machines, cylindrical, flat and slide form grinding as well as honing machines.