Our company history

About five decades ago, in 1970, our namesake, Theodor Huber sen. founded the company in Wolfratshausen. Even then, the focus was on fixture and mechanical engineering.
1978 the company location was moved to Geretsried and the legal form changed to a GmbH.
We have been involved in prototype construction since 1983.
1990 Huber GmbH built the first construction phase at our current location.
1999 teams from Formula 1 became aware of our performance.
This was followed by extensions to our factory premises in 2006 and the entry into the manufacture of parts for the aerospace industry.
In the same year, Huber GmbH received the economic award of the Bad Tölz / Wolfratshausen district.
2012 was followed by the takeover by Pankl Holding GmbH.
Already a year, 2013, later the entry of Shabe-Zürich GmbH. Huber GmbH was renamed Shvabe-München GmbH.
2019 PowerLine GmbH acquired Shvabe-München GmbH and changed the company name to Huber Präzisionstechnik GmbH, not least in order to make a clear statement about the high quality and company history.
With a new “old” name, we are now looking confidently into the future.

Continuity despite change?

Because of our eventful company history, we know our greatest asset: Our customers could and can rely on our quality at any time.
In contrast to our company name, this always remained the same: At the highest level!